review list

Sorted by Author (strg+f to search)

Backman, Frederik – My Grandmother sends her regards and apologises

Barry, Max – Lexicon

Bick, Ilsa J. – White Space (Dark Passages #1)

Bordo, Susan – The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen

Brontë, Emily – Wuthering Heights

Carey, M.R. – The Girl with all the Gifts

Charaipotra, Sona – Tiny Pretty Things

Cogman, Genevieve – The Invisible Library

Crouch, Blake – Dark Matter

Doust, Doug – S.

Fagan, Jenni – The Panopticon

Fowler, Karen Joy – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Gould, Emily – Friendship

Gould, Emily – And the Heart says whatever

Grossman, Austin – You

Harkness, Deborah – All Souls Trilogy

Harwood, John – The Asylum

Hawkins, Paula – Girl on the Train

Horowitz, Eli – The Silent History

Howrey, Meg – The Cranes Dance

Kang, Han – The Vegetarian

Lockhart, E. – We Were Liars

Lowe, Ceri A. – Paradigm

Maksik, Alexander – You Deserve Nothing

McGuire, Seanan – Every Heart a Doorway

McHugh, Laura – The Weight of Blood

Moran, Caitlin – How to build a Girl

Mott, Jason – The Returned

Nafisi, Azar – Reading Lolita in Tehran

Oliver, Lauren – Vanishing Girls

Pascat, C.S. – Captive Prince

Raabe, Melanie – The Trap

Russel, Karen – Sleep Donation

St.John Mandel, Emily – Station Eleven

Staehle, Will – Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing-Eye

Thomas, Scarlett – The Seed Collectors

Thurber, James – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Weir, Andy – The Martian

Williams, John – Stoner

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