2017 – My year in Reading

~ in which I answer hard-pressing questions like “have I read more ebooks than physical ones?” or “which genre was the predominant one?” and of course “which one was my 2017 favourite?” ~

But first, let’s get the resolutions out of the way!
Here’s my new year’s resolution for 2018: Write more! And write consistently!

I have neglected my blog in recent months and I probably could make up some half-assed excuse for this. But here’s the truth: I’ve been lazy. I’ve started writing some reviews and even had a few other ideas but I haven’t finished anything really since August. So there, this is my first step in the direction of bettering myself.

On a personal level, 2017 has been an awesome year. After ten years of living in the same apartment, I’ve finally moved on to something bigger, brighter and quieter. Also, in May I started a new job that improved what is nowadays called my “work-life-balance”. A LOT. Although I miss parts of my old job (my colleagues!!! and being surrounded by books all day), all in all, I’m in a much better place now than I was a year before.

So, this was the personal side of it. Now let’s get to the interesting part.

2017 in reading!


I read (i.e. finished) 38 books this year, that’s 12.265 pages! In my Goodreads reading challenge I aimed fairly low (30 books) in order to take some of the pressure off and give myself a little bit more freedom in choosing what I read. I think that worked out quite alright.

I’ve read more physical books than ebooks – 80%. I still love my e-reader, though!

I’ve only reviewed a third of the books I read – that needs to change in 2018!!

At last, let’s do the hardest part of the year in review: the favourites! I’ve decided to narrow it down to my top three… but then I simply couldn’t choose. So here are the books that received a five-star rating from me.

Out of the 38 books, I read 8 books turned out to be five-star books for me. Not a bad outcome, in my opinion… That means about 20% of the books I’ve read in 2017 were absolutely awesome!
I also think that these eight books represent my reading year awfully well. There’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, YA, a Thriller (!), and poetry. There are books that are part of a series as well as stand-alone novels. There are books I’ve read in German and ones in English.
As I’m writing this, I’m trying to decide which is the absolute number one and I’m torn between the two largest of the bunch. The Nix (I even reviewed that one here, yay!) and The Wise Man’s Fear (which is part two of a series) come to a close tie.

To me that sends a clear message: I tend to like big books and I’m going to not shy away from them in 2018.
And on this additional resolution, I’ll end my retrospective of 2017 in reading.

Have a great 2018 – in reading and otherwise!


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