What I read in June and July 2017

I’m going to do two months in one wrap up because I really only read one book in June.

June and July were not great reading months.
They were the months of moving house.
New flat to set up, old flat to clear… you,  know the drill.
So reading was not high on my list of priorities.

But it’s fine. We all have months like this… It’ll all get better again once I can sit on my new balcony, glass of wine in one hand, book in the other… as you do.

So, without further ado, here’s what I read in June and July.

28260402In June I read “The Song Rising” – the third book in the “Bone Season” Series by Samantha Shannon.
When I read the first book in the series two years ago I was intrigued because in terms of fantasy worlds Shannon had created something new; something I hadn’t come across before. She managed to create a plausible Fantasy-Steampunk-Alternate-History world. She also created authentic characters and a love (?) story I was absolutely on board with (a rare occasion!).
Book two took the whole thing even farther. It gave us the Underworld and a finale to die for!
Unfortunately, book three could not hold a candle to its predecessors. It was okay as a filler in a series; I’m certain in the greater story arc this was a necessary book. It simply was not as good as the other two.
I’m still absolutely looking forward to where this huge seven-book-series is going!



In July my first read was Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman.
I have a complete review in the works since this is a much discussed book.
The short of it is that I found it interesting but I would have liked some more background information about the Jewish community and their rituals.






I finished July with John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van, which was a bit of a dissapointment.
I absolutely loved the parts about the mail role-playing-game; and the way the protagonist created his own world out of nothing. I also liked the background story of what brought him to create this imaginary world.
The novel fell flat, unfortunately, because of the writing. For me it was all a bit too vague. Even in the end, after everything has been revealed and the reader knows the whole tragic backstory  – it simply didn’t reach me, I couldn’t feel it.
The whole novel lacked heart and depth, in my opinion.

Let’s see what August has in store…

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