The time has come. I’ve been waiting to announce this for quite a while now. And today is the day I can finally make it official!
I’m going to be leaving the book business behind. For good.
I’m starting a new job in May. One that has absolutely nothing to do with books whatsoever.

Here’s why this is an important change for me…
For two and a half years I’ve been working as a bookseller.
When I became part of the book business I had mixed feelings about making reading part of my professional life. Since I got my first library card (and even before that) reading was something I did for fun, and  I knew that from now on reading would also be something that I’d have to do. I would also have to change the way I pick the books I read. Well, when you work in a bookstore you better know the stuff you’re selling!

Like I said, I was worried about this when I started and it turns out it all came true. Nowadays, I tend to pick books that I can also imagine recommending to customers. There’s always this tiny voice in the back of my head that thinks about how I would sell the book I’m currently reading. I read books in the order of their publishing date and always feel a bit of pressure when a book has already come out and my copy is still resting on my TBR.
Reading has become a bit of a chore. Something I have to do for work.
I feel restricted in my reading choices.
Of course this also means that I regularly get to read outside my comfort zone (crime fiction, romance, children’s books), which is a good thing but it also means that a lot of books I would probably love because of their weirdness or otherness are pretty much rotting on my shelves because I can’t find the time to read them.

When becoming a bookseller I made my hobby part of my job and while this might work for some people, for me it was the worst thing to do. Right now I am incredibly happy to announce that from now on reading will be nothing but pleasure again! I will read and write about whatever books I want and there won’t be no restrictions anymore! I liked being part of the book business and I’ve had the best colleagues in the world but I’m also glad that this part of my professional life is going to be over soon.

From now on, dear readers, I will be one of you once more!

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