What I read in February

My reading goal for this year is 30 books. I set up a goal that is rather low (compared to the number of books I usually read per year) in order to take some of the pressure off reading. I wanted to be able to stop thinking about the speed at which I read.
There are also a few things about to change in my personal life that will affect my reading life. I’ll reveal more about that soon. For now, let’s just say that I will be able to choose my reading material much more freely than I am now.

However, even though I’ve set quite a low goal for this year’s reading challenge, I’ve already managed to read TEN books. Without giving it any special thought I’ve already achieved a third of what I set myself to do. Of course, I never believed I would only read 30 books in 2017 but I absolutely love that there is no longer that looming, hovering number stressing me out. Reading-wise, this year is off to a great start.

So, without further ado, here is what I read in February 2017.


My absolute favourite this month was Sylvain Neuvel’s Waking Gods (5 stars), which is the second part of his “Themis Files” series. Anyone who likes entertaining but meaningful SciFi needs to read this!

If you’re interested you can find reviews of The Trap (2 stars) and Time Travelling with a Hamster (4 stars) here on my blog.

I also read some comic books. This is how I spent my day recovering from an Academy Awards all-nighter.
That first omnibus of the new Captain Marvel series was a bit unimaginative but okay – 2.5 stars.
Wolverine: Old Man Logan was bloody and dark and awesome! 4 stars for that one.

All in all, a pretty good reading month!

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2 Responses to What I read in February

  1. Awesome! Love reading myself, and usually binge on all sorts of books. Although admittedly, kinda wish I read more fiction but end up doing so much research that it zaps a lot of my free time.

    It’s awesome seeing you ahead of your pace. Most people don’t even read ONE book. I don’t know how one could get through a whole year without doing that, especially with how much interesting/useful information is out there. Anyways, keep up the good work!


  2. jedigirl says:

    Thanks for your comment!
    Very interesting blog you got there. I like the diversity of topics!

    I can’t imagine not reading. It’s as much part of my life as eating and I tend to get into really bad moods when I haven’t had enough reading time. 🙂

    I also think that you can learn a lot from books (fiction and non-fiction). I recently read a Chinese SciFi novel (The Three-body Problem), which made me look up the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I love it when a book sends me off on new and different paths and introduces me to topics I would’ve never touched upon otherwise!


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