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Review: Ross Welford – Time Travelling with a Hamster

Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford 4 out of 5 stars Ross Welford has written a really wonderful time travel story for kids! This is the story Albert Chaudhury who on his twelfth birthday gets a letter from his deceased father telling … Continue reading

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Welcome, Reader!

So, you’ve stumbled across my humble book blog – welcome! This is where I write about my reading experiences. I review books I’ve read. I share my thoughts on various reading topics. And sometimes I write about my personal life. … Continue reading

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Review: Melanie Raabe – The Trap

The Trap (orig. Die Falle) by Melanie Raabe 2 out of 5 stars Initially, I wanted to give this a one-star rating but the fact that I actually wanted to know how it ends merits another star in my opinion. It’s … Continue reading

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