Mini-Review: Blake Crouch – Dark Matter


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
out of 5 stars

—Minor spoilers ahead—

A word I  came across in a lot of reviews of this: mindbending.
People seem to think this is the weirdest book they’ve read in a long time. I simply don’t get it. The story is completely linear and you can pretty much see what’s coming around page 50. The only reason I kept going was because I was hoping for some twists and turns that would take me completely by surprise. Well, that never happened.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not a bad book. Not at all. It’s an interesting and suspenseful thriller. I just think that nothing in this book is a new thought; it has all been done before in some way or other. String theory and all that multiverse stuff seems to be a bit of a hype right now and it actually is a cool subject for a thriller – if it’s done well. “Dark Matter” to me fell completely flat – it was all too linear and the solutions were way too easy.

If you really want to read a story that makes you go “wtf?!” every few pages, I’d recommend The Raw Shark Texts or The End of Mr Y or House of Leaves.


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