What I read in July

I’ve read a total of four books last month. Here it goes.

I started July on the same note I ended June. With the Tearling Trilogy by Erika Johansen. The Invasion of the Tearling is, unfortunately, not as awesome as the first book was. But I guess this is the curse of the second installment in any trilogy. You are done with the whole exposition part and you need to get to the grand finale. In order to do this you need to set up your characters in a way that will lead them there but that is also still entertaining and makes for a story worth reading. I loved how the second part in this trilogy bends the rules of the fantasy genre even more with incorporating a second narrative set in the books’ past and the reader’s near future. Definitely a series worth reading!!
3 out of 5 stars

After finishing The Invasion of the Tearling I found myself in a kind of reading slump. I just did not know what I felt like reading next. So I thought about picking up one of my comfort reads – Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas. Thomas is one of my favourite authors ever! To me she’s right up there with the likes of Margaret Atwood! I will write a proper piece on my love for her books one day. For now let me just say that you need to read this! And by you I mean everyone! She’s just so smart and knows how to find all the points where it hurts, and then she just goes for them…in a very subtle but very real way. I’ve already written about how her books are my go-to-novels when I don’t know what to read and I still feel this way about her novels!
10,000 out of 5 stars

The third book I read in July was one of my most anticipated releases this year: Armada by Ernest Cline. There is no way anyone is going to talk about Armada without mentioning that masterpiece of a debut “Ready Player One”; and yes, I loved that one to pieces. So following that epic novel was going to be hard either way. I did not expect Armada to be a second RPO – no one is that good. But Cline again does what he’s best at: adventures and pop culture. Armada is an absolutely fun read, a page turner (and I hate to use that word!). Maybe, just maybe, Cline should have given it more time. I think he is capable of repeating the awesomeness that was RPO. Armada was just the (entertaining) intermission, I’m sure of it.
4 out of 5 stars 

And the very last book I read in July was a Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. A light and fun read about the Gods of Greek mythology – being immortal – living in modern London, trying to cope with lack of faith and money. At times really brimming with English humour and sass, it did have some inconsistencies. I was constantly asking myself if the humans that come into contact with all these gods shouldn’t at some point start to wonder about these people who are called Aphrodite, Artemis, Hermes etc. and are sharing this house in central London. Given that the two main human characters actually both have university degrees shouldn’t they make the connection? This was the main thing that bothered me reading this. Apart from that I laughed a lot and found the characters pretty well developed and likeable. “Gods Behaving Badly” is a light and fun palate cleanser and I’m really looking forward to reading Phillips’ new book coming out in August, which is called “The Table of the Less Valued Knights”. Sounds good to me!
3.5 out 5 stars

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