What I read in June

In hindsight my reading in June was pretty fantasy-heavy… oh well.

I’ve already posted reviews of Captive Prince and The Seed Collectors so I won’t go into detail about these two here. Follow the links for detailed reviews.

Captive Prince was an all new reading experience since it was my first taste of m/m fantasy. It was pretty good. 3/5

The Seed Collectors was my most-anticipated book release of 2015. Scarlett Thomas is one of my favourite authors of all time (maybe even my absolute favourite) and I had been waiting for her new novel. It did not disappoint, but a reread is needed – and soon – for my final judgement to be made. 4/5

Gutenberg the Geek is a kindle single which I listened to via audible. It’s  a really nice short overview of Gutenberg’s achievements and the impact his inventions had and still have. Starting with Gutenberg’s history and some details of his inventions Jarvis goes on to liken him to inventors and successful business ideas of our time. He even manages to give an overview of the parallels of the inventions of the printing press and the Internet while quoting McLuhan and Eisenstein (two of the most important scholars in that field) – and all of it in a bit more than half an hour if you listen to the audio book!
A great introduction to the topic of the printing press and it’s impact on modern society! 4/5

I finally managed to finish the The Name of the Wind audiobook which I started about half a year ago. It took me a while to finish it because I tend to listen to audiobooks while doing chores around the flat and not so much in my free time. So the amount of time it took me to get through this does not reflect its quality. This is an epic fantasy story and I absolutely adored the story and characters. Even though Kvothe seems to be a bit too intelligent/cunning/lucky/perfect at times. I’m definitely going to continue this series – however, I might switch formats for the second volume. 4/5

The Queen of the Tearling came as a complete surprise to me. I actually bought it on a whim – as a treat after a hard day at work. It sounded interesting enough and I was looking for some light entertainment. And entertainment I got! Without telling too much of the story I need to say that this is actually genre-bending. Not your typical medieval-style fantasy at all! I loved all the politics and mystery surrounding a 19-year-old’s ascension to the throne of a kingdom torn by slavery and poverty. I loved how Kelsea developed into a confident queen while keeping her narrative voice and the roots of her character.
I’m currently reading the second instalment in the series – The Invasion of the Tearling – and it gets even better and weirder! 4/5

Looking at the ratings this was a pretty good reading month for me. 🙂

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