Fredrik Backman – My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises by Fredrik Backman
5 out of 5 stars

There are several reasons why I expected not to like this novel. It boasts at least three things that will normally drive me away from a story. These things are know-it-all child protagonists; dead or dying grandmothers, and cutesy repetitions of phrases.

But as you can see I gave five stars. So, what happened here? I’m sure I don’t know. My only explanation is that Fredrik Backman is some kind of genius. He is such a good writer that things I normally can’t stand are turned into funny/ sad / beautiful prose! This man writes scenes and plots that would be corny and predictably coming from anyone else. This novel was touching without trying too hard. There are so many novels out there trying (and failing) to be deep and philosophical about humanity, life, and death – I’m looking at you “The Fault in our Stars”! But Backman actually managed to write a story about what it is to be human without being sappy about it!

This book surprised me to no end – with its twists and turns of story and with its beautiful descriptions and characters! I absolutely love how everything that seems so random in the beginning becomes one big connected picture in the end! I’m always in awe when authors can do that and I wasn’t expecting it from this book! Thank you, Mr. Backman!

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