What I read in January

2015 is one month old  and I’m doing my best to keep up the posts around here.
So, without further ado, here’s what I read in January.

grossman youYou by Austin Grossman
out of stars
A novel about the game industry of the nineties. Which is actually a really cool idea! However, the execution was a bit messy and in need of structure. “You” read more like a first draft then a finished novel. Still a fun read, mainly because of its topic and the fictional computer game universe Grossman introduces. While reading this I kept thinking “I’d really like to play this game”!

Full review of “You” can be found here.

seconds omalleySeconds by Brian Lee O’Malley
4.5 out of stars
The newest work by O’Malley of Scott Pilgrim fame! I was looking forward to this and I wasn’t disappointed. It had the same kind of cool/loser characters we expect from O’Malley and it really was everything I expected it to be. That’s why it doesn’t get the full five stars by the way. It was brilliant but O’Malley didn’t bring anything new into the game.
It’s the story of chef and restaurant owner Katie whose life is kind of stuck and coming apart at the same time. One night she is visited by a creepy/cute girl who shows her how to erase the mistakes she’s made during the day. With that neat new device Katie tries to reassemble her life – only to make things worse and worse.
This is a story about the obstacles of everyday life and the fact that perfect does not equal happy.

ruinandrising bardugoRuin and Rising (The Grisha #3) by Leigh Bardugo
out of stars
I am so glad that I finished this series. The first book was pretty cool, the second one was not good at all but book three absolutely made up for the lack of plot in the first to.
Reading the three novels that make up the Grisha series you can actually see how Bardugo’s writing gets better and better and I love how she wrapped up the series with the third book. In Ruin and Rising she finally finds a way to show the reader happening (whereas there was a lot of telling in books one and two). The characters stop talking and discussing all the time in order to fight and act and love and kill. I loved how Alina, the main character developed and how she struggled with her powers and the new role they needed her to play. I still hate Mal – her childhood friend and love interest. But I can live with the outcome of the series because Alina is simply an awesome character. Actually, this book is full of awesome characters!
But I stand by what I said about this series before – this could have been shortened into one perfect book…

girlonthetrainThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
out of stars
Ok, so this was utter rubbish. It’s only February but I feel it’s safe to say that this is the worst book of 2015. It’s heralded as the new Gone Girl but it’s not. No, it’s not. Full review here.

invisble library

The Invisble Library by Genevieve Gogman
out of stars
This is advertised as Doctor Who with librarian spies. Of course that got my attention.
And surprisingly there is some truth to that claim. It has librarian spy Irene and her mysterious sidekick Kai who travel to an alternate pseudo-Victorian London in order to steal a copy of Grimm’s fairytales. There are dragons, a bit of steampunk, vampires, and dark faeries – what’s not to love? It’s the beginning of a series that I will keep an eye out for. I definitely want to know what other adventures Miss Cogman has in store! Full review here.

Currently reading and upcoming reviews:
kochthedinner missperegrine riggs

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